Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Wave and Translation

1. I've seen a lot of messages floating around about Google Wave:

Wikipedia: Google Wave

How To Converge Translation together with Web 2.0/3.0

How to get a Google Wave invite or invitation

I have even received one of the highly sought invitations to the beta version, (don't use this for email, it is not classic email protocol code!). Let's see if it affects the translation business. Here's a place to start to collect some benchmarks...


Quintura visual cloud search: Google Wave Translation clustered search: Google Wave Translation

Facebook: Google Wave Translation

Blog Search: Google Wave Translation

Twitter Micro-Blog Search: Google Wave Translation

Second Life Search: Google Wave Translation

Diigo Search: Google Wave Translation

Delicious Search: Google Wave Translation

Friendfeed Search: Google Wave Translation

2. My Findings

Rosy is a real-time automatic translation robot, built on top of Google Wave and Google Translate, enabling real-time, multilingual, collaborative communication. For more information: and

Aunt Rosie — Google Wave Translation Robot

Google Wave used to have a realtime language translation robot named Rosy Etta. Unfortunately it isn't currently available, so I had to write my own. I named my translation bot Aunt Rosie after my aunt and as a tribute to the original Rosy.

To get started, you should add to your contacts. Now invite her to a Wave. Aunt Rosie will automatically insert a language drop down into your blip when you've typed enough for her to recognize your language. Select the language you'd like to translate to and she'll reply with the translation.

...Yes, it significantly affects the translation business!... It's Collaborative Translation!

Join the group Wave Technology & Translation
and check the Diigo social bookmarking group Google Wave

Check the Collaborative Team:
Google Wave Team DE > EN-US

This is awesome! Any questions?

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